Book reviews

Deborah Anderson, Angeline Brasier, Kelly Butler, Liam Connell, Nadine Cresswell


Robin, Libby, Robert Heinsohn, and Leo Joseph (eds.), Boom and Bust: Bird Stories from a Dry Country (2009);
Hirst, John, Freedom on the Fatal Shore, Australia's First Colony (2008);
Smith, Babette, Australia's Birthstain: The Startling Legacy of the Convict Era (2008);
Jones, Jennifer A., Black Writers, White Editors: Episodes of Collaboration and Compromise in Australian Publishing History (2009);
Hall, David D., Ways of Writing: The Practice and Politics of Text-Making in Seventeenth-Century New England (2008);
Otto, Kristin, Capital: Melbourne at the Centre of the World 1901-1927 (2009);
Wood, Malcolm, Presbyterians in Colonial Victoria (2008);
Oldis, Ken, The Chinawoman (2008);
Megarrity, Lyndon, Ross Fitzgerald, and David Symons, Made in Queensland: A New History (2009);
Church, Ian (General Editor), Gaining a Foothold: Historical Records of Otago's Eastern Coast, 1770-1839 (2008);
Belich, James, Replenishing the Earth: The Settler Revolution and the Rise of the Anglo-World, 1783-1939 (2009).


Book reviews

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